Our company provides the following services:

Designing of cold rooms for various applications, including food (milk, fish, etc) and pharmaceutical industries; banana ripening and storage rooms; controlled atmosphere (ULO) rooms; apple storage rooms and rooms for various technological processes that require lower temperature of working environment.

Installation of industrial cold rooms, commercial cooling systems and construction of various refrigeration-related buildings and rooms made of “sandwich” PUR/PIR/PS panels.

Servicing and maintenance of industrial and commercial refrigeration systems. (both during warranty period and post-warranty period).

We have 15-year experience of working in Western Europe(Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Spain, Malta, Greece, Germany) as well as non-European countries (Indonesia, Eritrea, Belarus, Turkmenistan)

 refreex ban


  • 50% less power consumption


  • 80% less refrigerant charge


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Our patented "ReFreeX" refrigeration method which reduces refrigerant charge up to 80% and saves up to 50% electric power.We can proudly say that our mounted cold and bannana ripening rooms works perfect in more that 10 countires, and on the top of the list there are such countires like Indonezia, Africa, Turkmenistan and Malta..

e-mail: [email protected]
e-mail: [email protected]
e-mail: [email protected]

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Finance: +370 699 11897

Implemented projects

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