Along with ReFreeX refrigeration equipment we provide free monitoring software for watching, registering and controlling of refrigeration equipment. This software allows you to view or print graphs, current status of the machines and other parameters. Once you choose a period of time you are interested in, the program will automatically create graphs corresponding to selected period of time. This makes work of refrigeration system operators and maintenance crews much easier. Furthermore, this software enables you to remotely control and monitor all of your equipment online, with only prerequisites being a computer and access to the Internet. If you sign a contract with our company for refrigeration system maintenance, our personnel will perform daily checks and diagnostics of your system, and if we detect a malfunction, we will send our maintenance crew to solve this problem to ensure continuous and uninterrupted operation of refrigeration equipment. The software can be configured to send an email with error number to our server so that we can instantly react if something is wrong with refrigeration plant.

The software is available in several languages; you can see screenshots of Lithuanian version below.


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Our patented "ReFreeX" refrigeration method which reduces refrigerant charge up to 80% and saves up to 50% electric power.We can proudly say that our mounted cold and bannana ripening rooms works perfect in more that 10 countires, and on the top of the list there are such countires like Indonezia, Africa, Turkmenistan and Malta..

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