Refrigeration system is a  combination of various equipment and apparatus, designed to remove heat from therefrigerated space to the environment, ensuring that certain pre-determined temperature is being maintained within the refrigeration chamber. This is being achieved through vapour-compression cycle, utilizing endothermic process of refrigerant evaporation to remove heat and exothermic process of condensation to disperse the heat to the environment(or cooling medium, in case of water-cooled or evaporative condensers). The cycle is mainained by compressor, which compresses the evaporated refrigerant to a pressure high enough for it to condense at ambient temperature, and a throttling device, reducing pressure to a point when refrigerants vapour saturation temperature is lower than expected temperature of the coldroom.

In order to reduce heat losses and make the cooling process more efficient, it is important to provide proper insulation of refrigerated space, minimizing the heat influx from environment. One of the most popular and cost-efficient methods to build a coldroom is by means of metal-polyurethane sandwich panels. We offer our services in designing and building of industrial and commercial coldrooms, banana ripening chambers, apple storage rooms and various types of freezers(including shock freezers).


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Our patented "ReFreeX" refrigeration method which reduces refrigerant charge up to 80% and saves up to 50% electric power.We can proudly say that our mounted cold and bannana ripening rooms works perfect in more that 10 countires, and on the top of the list there are such countires like Indonezia, Africa, Turkmenistan and Malta..

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